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Land Rover Discovery 4 Front & Rear Wishbone Replacement.

The owner of this Land Rover Discovery 4 decided he wanted to replace all four of the lower suspension arms as they had excessive wear in most of the bushes (common problem).

After a bit of research he booked it in with us to carry out the work for him.

Anyone who has tackled this job before will know its not a five minute job, especially when the bolts seize inside the bushes!

First thing we always do on jobs like these is to wire brush all the bolts and spray them with freeing oil in the hope to make life easier for us.

This did work on 50% of the bolts but there were several that no matter what we tried they needed to be cut out.

After replacing all the arms it was time for a full geometry setup as the arms had adjustments for Camber, Castor and Toe.

I must admit once all the work had been carried out the Discovery 4 drove perfectly, there was no more wandering at speed the steering was precise and not loose, it felt like it should do.

We did advise the customer to bring the Discovery 4 back after a few hundred miles so we could re-check the geometry once all the suspension components had settled in.

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Rapid Supercharged Mini & Stunning Triumph GT6.

The Aarons Autos family has a large width of knowledge ranging across many different makes and models of vehicles with all of us working in different areas of the motor trade through our careers, from dealerships to specialists, Master tech’s and even engineering.

This Width of knowledge helps us when we have to work on older vehicles as this was where we first fell in love with the motor trade. We cut our teeth rebuilding carburettors, replacing points and condensers and grew up with king pins and grease nipples.

With this in mind when customers ask if we can work on their pride and joy classic cars we can be confident in our abilities.

The owner of this Supercharged Mini rang us after purchasing the car for some road rally events and some hill climb events to see if we could check over the geometry and make a few adjustments. We made a few small adjustments and got the customer on his way.

The owner of this beautifully restored Triumph GT6 Mk3 contacted us to ask if we could set up the camber and toe of his triumph after its complete restoration. Carrying out the camber adjustment on the front of the Triumph is done by either adding or removing shims on the lower wishbones and rechecking until the desired camber is obtained, the toe adjustment is carried out the same as modern vehicles. The rear camber is not adjustable but the toe is, the toe is adjusted by using shims again to lengthen/shorten the trailing arm.

If you have a classic car or even a modern classic and have any problems give us a call to see if we can help you on 01332 205070