Megane R26 / 225 Hub Bearings

Megane-R26 Hub BearingMegane Sport Hub Bearings…….

  • Does your steering not self centre ?
  • Is your steering tight ?
  • Have you got a bad knocking
    and not sure what it is ?

Chances are that it is your lower Hub/Pivot bearing!

Megane R26 Hub Bearing

We can replace your lower hub/pivot bearings which are fitted to all Renault Megane 225 / R26 / R26R and 175 DCI.

Renault say that you cannot buy these bearings separately and must buy the complete hub assembly !! so after lots of time and money spent in developing and testing we have been able to get these manufactured ourselves and offer them to our customers at a fraction of the cost of a new hub from the dealers.

£195.00 inc vat per side including 12 month warranty.

Since offering these bearings on the Renault forums we have had people travel from all over the country to have there’s replaced at a fraction of the dealers cost.

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