Understanding Wheel Alignment – Tracking – Geometry.

Aarons Autos 4 wheel alignment

Aarons Autos are very well known when it comes to setting up 4 wheel geometry or tracking on
all types of vehicles from full on Race cars to the every day work van.

The biggest problem people have with geometry is understanding what they are adjusting and what affect that adjustment will have on the vehicles handling, problems such as irregular tyre wear, steering wheel pulls to the left or right and general grip on the road.

A vehicles geometry or tracking should be checked/adjusted after any work is carried out on its suspension or steering, work such as replacing a ball joint, replacing a track rod end or even just a shock absorber can alter the vehicles geometry massively resulting in poor handling and excessive tyre wear.

Aarons Autos Tracking DerbyWe are noticing that the bigger companies who are investing thousands of pounds in the latest all singing all dancing computerised 4 wheel alignment equipment (which is good in the right hands) have no idea about geometry, and are relying on a computer to tell them what to do! and YOU the customer are getting a hefty charge to pay for that equipment.

We are seeing more and more customers who have been to these bigger companies that are charging the best part of a hundred pounds to put their cars onto this wonderful computerised alignment equipment to find that they cannot get it right!

  • The steering wheel is out!
  • The car is pulling!
  • The tyres are still wearing!

These are Just a few of the complaints we hear on a regular basis, we even get the occasional ‘Bigger Company’ asking if we can take a look at a car because they have done as the computer has told them and it is still wrong!

Understanding geometry is the key, understanding what needs to be adjusted to get the car to handle as it should, understanding what needs to be adjusted to make the steering wheel straight, understanding why the tyres are wearing and most importantly understanding how to make sure the car is safe!

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