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Sierra Saphire RS Cosworth 24v Oil Leak

Sierra Cosworth Aarons Autos

A beautiful classic, the Sierra RS Cosworth, this one had the 24v conversion which has become a common mod for the old Ford.

It came to us with a severe oil leak from the rocker cover gaskets (common problem) the customer had supplied us with some upgraded gaskets to fit.

Cosworth 24v

To get to the rocker cover gaskets on the Cosworth 24v engine you first have to remove the inlet manifold and a few ancillaries, once they are removed its just a matter of removing the rocker covers and old gaskets.


We cleaned the rocker covers and fitted the new gaskets following the specific instructions supplied with the upgraded gaskets, we had to slightly modify the old bolts and sleeves to help compress the new gaskets.

Sierra RS Cosworth

Refit the inlet manifold and ancillaries clean off all the excess oil that had been leaking previously then run the engine up and get the oil up to temperature and check for leaks.

No leaks, Awesome.

Toyota Yaris Noisy Timing Chain.


Yaris Timing Chain

This little Yaris came into Aarons Autos with a nasty rattle coming from the engine and the customerwas almost ready to scrap the car after some of the quotes she had received to replace the stretched timing chain!

We gave the lady a quote she was happy with and placed the car on the ramp ready for strip down, once the timing chain cover was removed it was clear that the problem was indeed a stretched timing chain causing the rattle.

Aarons Autos Timing Chain

We checked the Vanos unit (Valve Timing Pulley) which was fine. Next we fitted the new timing chain kit, rebuilt the engine using all new gaskets and replaced the oil and filter, it was now time to start the engine and see how quiet it was in comparison to when it came in!

It purred like a kitten, and to say the customer was happy is an under statement.

Insignia VXR 4×4 Clutch.

Insignia VXR clutch

This lovely Insignia VXR came into us with its owner complaining of a slightly slippy clutch, so after a simple road test to confirm the problem and a fair quote given to the customer we set about replacing the worn clutch.

The clutch replacement on this particular model of Insignia is not a straight forward job! first of all you need to remove the whole exhaust system,

Aarons Autos Clutch's VXR

and then the main sub frame before you can even even access the gearbox.

Not a problem at Aarons Autos though as our fully skilled technicians are trained to handle even the trickiest, time consuming and challenging jobs.

After removing the gearbox and clutch we checked the Dual Mass Flywheel for excessive play, but it was well within tolerance so we set about fitting the new clutch kit and hydraulic slave cylinder then rebuilding the car.

Insignia VXR at Aarons Autos

Once the car was finished and road tested it was time to hand it back to a very happy customer.