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Dual Mass Flywheel Failure!!

Do you know if your car has a Dual Mass Flywheel? Do you know what a Dual Mass Flywheel is? Here’s the basics.

A Dual Mass Flywheel is basically what it says, it’s a Flywheel in two parts (Dual). The two separate parts are allowed to rotate slightly to create dampening when you release the clutch and to reduce engine vibrations being passed through to the gearbox.

This is done by heavy duty springs in between the the two separate parts of the Flywheel which allow the slight movement.

However, with all moving parts, especially ones under stress they wear causing noises, vibrations and lastly drive line failure!

Vibrations or Rattling?

This was a Dual Mass Flywheel we replaced recently on a Citroen C5, as you can see from the pictures when the old Flywheel had failed it was allowing the clutch to sit off centre causing vibrations. Once the new Flywheel and Clutch Kit were fitted it sat central again.

Once replaced the car was road tested and all vibrations and noises had disappeared.

If you have any concerns about vibrations or noises feel free to give us a call on 01332 205070 and we would be happy to help.

Rapid Supercharged Mini & Stunning Triumph GT6.

The Aarons Autos family has a large width of knowledge ranging across many different makes and models of vehicles with all of us working in different areas of the motor trade through our careers, from dealerships to specialists, Master tech’s and even engineering.

This Width of knowledge helps us when we have to work on older vehicles as this was where we first fell in love with the motor trade. We cut our teeth rebuilding carburettors, replacing points and condensers and grew up with king pins and grease nipples.

With this in mind when customers ask if we can work on their pride and joy classic cars we can be confident in our abilities.

The owner of this Supercharged Mini rang us after purchasing the car for some road rally events and some hill climb events to see if we could check over the geometry and make a few adjustments. We made a few small adjustments and got the customer on his way.

The owner of this beautifully restored Triumph GT6 Mk3 contacted us to ask if we could set up the camber and toe of his triumph after its complete restoration. Carrying out the camber adjustment on the front of the Triumph is done by either adding or removing shims on the lower wishbones and rechecking until the desired camber is obtained, the toe adjustment is carried out the same as modern vehicles. The rear camber is not adjustable but the toe is, the toe is adjusted by using shims again to lengthen/shorten the trailing arm.

If you have a classic car or even a modern classic and have any problems give us a call to see if we can help you on 01332 205070

Air Conditioning service and repair.

We may not have Air Conditioning in the garage but we do try and make it more comfortable for our mechanics Adam and Sean on hot days like today. Remember we service and repair vehicle Air Conditioning. Our Air Conditioning service is £84.00 inc vat and includes gas up to a extra 500 grams top up, give us a call today on 01332 205070.