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Silverstone National Race Report.

Silverstone Race Aarons AutosUpon arriving at Silverstone on Friday evening we managed to secure a garage with the guys from Podium Prep, so we unloaded the car locked up the trailer and headed over to our hotel for the night.

On the morning of the race we had a leisurely walk down to breakfast and a slow drive back to the track as we had already signed on and scutineered the car on Friday evening, a quick look around the car and a cheeky look at the weather forecast (praying for rain) and before we knew it was time for qualifying.

I (Aaron) went out first to qualify and managed to get a fairly respectable 1.10.9 but with 42 cars on such a short track there was a lot of traffic, driver change and time to see what Dave can do he was averaging 1.11’s and then put in a 1.10.8 which gave us a P21 out of 42! not bad but we reckon with better tyres we would have been in the 1.09’s but hey its budget racing 🙂

After a very in depth ‘Team Meeting’ we decided that Dave would start as he is known for his epic starts and I would go second as I am better at chasing places down later on in the race.

Race time, after a quick green flag lap it was time for lights out and the race was on, Dave made an awesome start taking about 10 place by the 3rd corner but unfortunately an MR2 had a spin straight in front of Dave causing him to run wide and give back several places but still running in 13th place from 21st on the 1st lap he had a great battle with Steve Hewson in his supercharged Peugeot 106 but couldn’t hold back the slightly faster french car, after a few more laps Dave stuck the clio up

Aarons Autos Motorsport Silverstonethe inside of a Capri (back marker i think) but the Capri decided not to leave enough racing room which ended in a a bit of wheel to door contact but nothing to drastic.

Pit stop time, and time to hand over to me, Dave told me the car felt great and to overtake anything in front of me, so out I went on the hunt it was very hard to tell which cars were back markers and which cars I was chasing (as the two way radio in my helmet was dead) so i tried to overtake everything in front of me and only letting past the front runners. On the last couple of laps i was batting with the Royal Air Force Mini and accidentally let the MR2 past which dropped us from 10th to 11th!

So we qualified 21st out of 42 and finished 11th which we were quite happy with as most of the top cars were much faster than ours.

Next round at Cadwell park so fingers crossed for a better result.

Vauxhall Vivaro with a broken engine.

Vauxhall Vivaro Aarons Autos


This Vauxhall Vivaro was recovered into us as a non starter, a quick plug-in with our diagnostic computer showed a timing issue. After a bit more diagnosis we discovered that the timing chain had snapped causing complete engine failure!

As this van had covered nearly 160,000 miles we decided it would be better to get a new low mileage engine rather than try and repair the old high mileage unit.

Engine Replacement Aarons Autos

Removing the engine on these vans is quite a large job as you have to remove the complete front end and remove the engine and gearbox complete, once the engine was out it was time to inspect all of the ancillaries to make sure they would be ok for the new engine.

Once the new engine was fitted and all the necessary filters and fluids had been changed it was time for a long road test, once we were happy with the vans driving ability it was time for one final checkover on the ramp and then hand it back to the customer.

Fisher Fury Kit Car Geometry Setup.

BadgeThe owner of this Fisher Fury Kit Car found us through the internet after seeing that we build and maintain Race and Track Day cars and after a quick chat with us on the phone he was happy that we new our stuff and booked the car in. He had only recently purchased the car and wanted the suspension and geometry setting up correctly.

Fisher Fury Kit Car

This car is quite a good example of how kit cars should be, with a bored out 2.1 Ford Pinto engine, throttle bodies with a bespoke carbon fibre intake and what looks like a full titanium exhaust system it makes to be a quick little weapon.

Once we had taken all the geometry measurements it was time to adjust the Camber which meant stripping the front and rear suspension several times to make the relevant adjustments to get it perfect, once the Camber was set we could then look at the Toe which was a simple job on the front but the rear required the lower suspension arms to be removed, adjusted and then refitted to be able to check again.

Kit Car Aarons Autos

With the Geometry being completed it was time to carry out an MOT on the Fury, the only issues we could find on the MOT was a slight imbalance on the rear brakes and a blocked washer jet, so with a few brake adjustments and a clean out of the washer jets this Fisher Fury now has a fresh 12 Month MOT ready for some fun in the sun.

For more information on the Fisher Fury Kit Car you can visit their page at Fury Sports Cars Ltd