Aarons Auto’s Renault Clio crashes into the Cadwell Park Pit Wall – Video promotes HANS safety device

It was a sad Motorsport day when one of our race cars was involved in a horrific crash at the Cadwell Park Circuit during the MSVR Team Trophy event.


Destination Nurburgring boss Darren Langeveld was forced off the track by the horrendously driven car 59 (Porsche 968) after trying to pass for 3 laps. The driver of the Porsche was excluded from the event and had 6 points added to his racing licence for dangerous behaviour.

Lots can be said about terrible driving standards but Aarons Autos were just happy to see Darren escaping with minor injuries. Our Renault Clio was built to withstand accidents of this nature and all of the safety systems worked as expected to protect the driver.

The feature video on this page promotes the use of great safety gear, especially the HANS device. Darren was luckily wearing one during the impact which surely helped to lessen any neck/spine injury.