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Renault Sport Service Packages

Renault Sport Servicing

We are currently working on some very competitive ‘Service Packages‘ for the Renault Sport range which will include-

  • Service and Cambelt Deals
  • Service, Cambelt and Water Pump Deals
  • Cambelt, Water Pump and Dephaser Pulley Deals
  • Full Service Deals (inc plugs, pollen filter and gearbox oil)

The deals will be for-

  • Clio Sport 172 / 182
  • Clio RS 197 / 200
  • Megane RS 225 / R26
  • Megane RS 250 / 265

Renault Sport Solutions

We will be updating the site over the next couple weeks with the Service Package prices along with prices for supplying and fitting Cooksport Lowering Springs and a range of Pure Motorsport products.

If there is anything you would like to add to our lists please feel free to email us or give us a call.

Winter Service Offer from Aarons Autos

Winter Service 2014 Aarons Autos


Winter is on its way once again so its time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold weather and icy conditions ahead.

Our winter service includes-

  • Oil and Filter change
  • Winter screen wash
  • Anti Freeze content test
  • All under bonnet levels checked
  • Full vehicle safety check

Also with our Winter Service you will get a FREE ‘Winter Pack’ to help you on those cold mornings.

Aarons Auto’s Renault Clio crashes into the Cadwell Park Pit Wall – Video promotes HANS safety device

It was a sad Motorsport day when one of our race cars was involved in a horrific crash at the Cadwell Park Circuit during the MSVR Team Trophy event.


Destination Nurburgring boss Darren Langeveld was forced off the track by the horrendously driven car 59 (Porsche 968) after trying to pass for 3 laps. The driver of the Porsche was excluded from the event and had 6 points added to his racing licence for dangerous behaviour.

Lots can be said about terrible driving standards but Aarons Autos were just happy to see Darren escaping with minor injuries. Our Renault Clio was built to withstand accidents of this nature and all of the safety systems worked as expected to protect the driver.

The feature video on this page promotes the use of great safety gear, especially the HANS device. Darren was luckily wearing one during the impact which surely helped to lessen any neck/spine injury.