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Renault Clio 197 knocking.


The owner of this Renault Clio 197 popped in last week on the off chance we could have a quick look at his car as it had a knock, the customer suspected the lower swivel joints were at fault.

Dave took The Renault Clio 197 on road test and it soon became apparent to him that it was more than a ball joint fault and returned it to the workshop for further investigation.

On opening the bonnet it was noticed that the driver’s side scuttle panel was sitting proud, on further investigation we found that the Renault Clio 197 top mount had failed letting the shock absorber shaft come through with only the scuttle panel and the bonnet stopping the suspension totally collapsing!

Unfortunately we could not source the part same day so we advised the customer to leave it with us due to the severity of the fault, which he did.

After giving the car a full suspension check we replaced the top mount and reset the tracking and after test driving to make sure the Renault Clio 197 suspension was in optimum condition we handed it back to a very happy customer.

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