Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Garage is busy, busy, busy.


Focus RS Tracking Aarons Autos

The last few weeks have been crazy at the Garage and out of the Garage, we have seen a vast array of different jobs from clutches and head gaskets to servicing and tracking and last weekend we took part in the Coventry Motor Festival with our Clio race car.

The Covfest (as it was nicknamed) had something for all of us who love Motoring and Motorsport, one of the main features was the fact that they had closed a section of the Ring Road Clio Race Car Aarons Autosand were allowing a selection of race cars, race trucks, motorbikes and club cars to do laps  of the closed off road to put on a show for the spectators. There was plenty of classic cars and motorcycles scattered all around Coventry City Centre for people to see including the new Aston Martin Vulcan (which also did some very impressive laps of the ring road).