Daily Archives: December 4, 2015

Renault Clio Sport 197 lowered with Spax springs.


If you had not noticed we work on a lot of Renault Sports here at Aarons Autos, one of the those models is the lovely Clio 197 Sport which in our opinion is a great little car straight out of the box, whether you just use it to commute to work or it is your track day toy it always leaves you with a smile on your face.

This particular 197 came into us after it had failed its MOT on two broken front coil springs, we priced up some new springs from Renault and told the customer he had a couple of options.

Option 1, fit the Renault springs and pay the extortionate price for the springs.

Option 2, Fit a full set of Spax lowering springs for just over half the price of fitting two Renault springs!

After fitting the new Spax springs and showing the customer the difference it made to the look of his car he was delighted, and he had saved a few pounds as well.

A few weeks later we had a phone call from the customer to firstly say thank you for helping him save money and to tell us how well the car drove on its new springs.