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Aarons Autos has 3 teams at Rockingham and take a WIN!!

Aarons Autos Race WinnersRockingham qualifying went ok, Norfolk n Chance managed 8th out of 31 with team trackspeed just ahead by 0.400 seconds in 7th and Exploding Fist in pole position. Unfortantly for Exploding Fist 6 laps in a water hose burst and they had to retire. Dave started for Norfolk n Chance and got another epic start going from 8th to 4th by the second corner but dropped to 5th by the end of the first lap. After a short battle with the VX220 we were in 5th with Paul from Team Trackspeed biting at our ankles then 13 mins in the excitement really started! Dave out braked himself into turn two letting Paul up the inside but hitting the side of us in the process, coming into turn 3 Dave had the line but then Paul got better drive up the hill into turn four but ran wide, Dave kept on the power and as Paul came back over he tapped Paul’s back end then Paul braked and Dave tapped him again and again sending Paul into a spin hitting us on the way round and giving Dave the place back with a nice dent in the side of the car (remember rubbing is racing) . Dave then kept his position until the changeover to Aaron and we didn’t cock up the pit stop this time. Aaron had a couple of great battles with the VX220 and Adam of Team Trackspeed but he managed to bring it home and we finished 3rd overall and 1st in class our best ever finish!!! We want to thank all our friends and family’s who came,our sister teams for being good sports and our sponsors for without them we wouldn’t be racing!!!